Your Guide to Home Selling

When you list your home with me, not only do you get detailed attention to the selling process, I also offer marketing solutions and features that help your home stand out from the local competition.  For your home to get top dollar, it’s imperative to work with an agent that does more than just stick a sign in your yard.


1. The first step you need to make is to give me a call.  I will come out and tour your home to get a better feel for the layout, square footage, location and design of your home.  I will then go back to the office and look up comparable properties to come up with what your home is valued at.  I pull comparable properties within the same neighborhood to make sure that I am using similar homes to yours.  I will adjust the price based on square footage, condition, location, and more.

2. Next, I come back and present you with the market analysis.  I show you the comparable properties I used to determine the value of your home.  We work together to set a list price to make sure you get top dollar for your home, but also that it will not sit on the market for longer than it should.


3. Now is the time when I would make suggestions as to things to make sure your home is in tip-top shape for prospective buyers that will be touring your home.  I will suggest things like: decluttering, painting, landscaping, address any repairs that need to be made and how to make sure that first impression is the BEST impression. 


4. Then I hire a professional photographer (that I pay for) to come in and take pictures of your home.  I am not a photographer and that is why I hire the best to come in and take photos to make sure your home is seen in its best light. Once I receive the pictures back, the home then goes on MLS.

5. Once all listing documents are signed by all parties, I will place a For Sale sign in your yard and enter the listing in to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  This is an organization that I am a member of and that I pay quarterly and annual dues to that will put your home in front buyers that are looking for a home like yours.  It will syndicate to many other websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, our own company website and many many more.

6. A few other things that I like I do when listing a property is send out email blasts to my 1,000+ email subscribers to make sure your home is SEEN.  I spend thousands of dollars of my own each year on Facebook and internet marketing. I have extensive social media advertising and do targeted ads to make sure your home is seen by the buyers who are searching for homes on the internet.

7. I will schedule open houses on your property. It is typically a Thursday night, Saturday or Sunday to maximize the number of showings. I will place Open House signs on your property 48 hours prior to the open house and do additional advertising to make sure the public knows about it.

8. After your home is shown to prospective buyers and one (or multiple) parties are interested in your home, they will meet with their Realtor and write up an offer.  We will then discuss that offer and go over the terms and what is BEST for you.  We will negotiate on price, closing date, inspections and much more.  We then come to agreement between both buyer and seller to make sure all parties are on the same page.

9. Next the inspections and appraisal will be scheduled.  We will go over the inspections and negotiate items the buyer might want repaired prior to closing.

10. Hire a moving company or recruit friends and family to help.  Prior to closing, you will need to have all of your items packed and ready to be moved to your new home.  I can suggest a mover that can help with your needs if you are in need of assistance. 

11. Final walk through.  The buyer is entitled to a final walk through (typically the day before closing) to make sure all inspection items are completed prior to closing. They will check for any damage to the home while moving and make sure that you have cleaned the home prior to you moving out.

12. Closing. Closing is where we will go to a respected title company to sign the deed, closing documents and for you to receive any proceeds from your closing. 

Selling a home does not have to be difficult.  Let me walk you through the steps and show you how I can help you get the maximum amount for your home in the shortest amount of time. I look forward to working with you!