Your Guide To Buying A Home

1. Contact a mortgage lender to get a preapproval letter.  It takes as little as 15 minutes to get preapproved.  This is a great place to start so you know approximately how much a mortgage payment would be, how much house you can afford and how much you actually are comfortable spending on a monthly mortgage payment.  If you do not have any mortgage lenders info, call me. I would be happy to point you in the right direction and put you in touch with the lender that will be able to help you best. 

2.  Once you have your preapproval - CALL ME! That's when we find out what your needs are. How many bedrooms are you needing? How many bathrooms? What city do you prefer to be in? Is there a certain school district you want your kids to be in? Do you like 2 story, ranch style or split foyer homes? There is a lot of questions that go into the home search other than the obvious of 'What is your budget?' My job as your REALTOR is to make sure that you are finding the RIGHT home and I have many different search options to choose from to help you narrow down the listings to go and take a look at. Did you know that as a member of our Multiple Listing Service - MLS - I can show you any property that is for sale and it doesn't have to be listed by me or my firm.


3.  The next part is the FUN part! We get to set appointments and go take a look at the houses that meet your needs. The way a home appears online can often be misleading, which is why it's a great idea to go look at it in person, before you fall in love online.  I have met with many different buyers who say they only want to see 1 house because they KNOW that's the ONE. Well, in actuality we get in to the home and it has a funky layout, the kitchen is much smaller than it appears online and so forth. I LOVE showing houses. I love to hear your feedback - both positive and negative - about what you think of the house. Good, bad and ugly - I want to know.


4.  Now, you have found the ONE! This is the part of the home buying process where patience comes in to play.  We sit down together and write the offer. We base your offer on recent comparable sold properties and what the home is truly worth. There's other factors that need to be discussed - earnest money, closing date, title insurance and closing fees, inspections, home sale contingencies.....and much more.  


5.  The waiting game - I present the offer to the listing agent who then contacts the property owners to discuss it. There might be some negotiations, counter offer, inspection results, and more. 


6.  Once you have an accepted offer and all of the negotiations have been completed, we move forward with closing.  Your mortgage lender might need some additional paperwork from you, so prompt responses are greatly appreciated to stay on schedule.  


7.  Now begins the not so fun part. Packing. I suggest hiring a professional moving company (I'd be happy to give you some referral names) to move the big stuff.  You don't have to hire a moving company, but it makes the task much simpler.


8.  On the final days, we can do another walk-through of the home to make sure that everything is as it was when we first made the offer on the home. We also make sure that all of the inspection findings were completed prior to closing.


9.  CLOSING DAY! The best there is. We meet at the title company where closing will take place.  You will sign your name anywhere between 3 and 300 times....just kidding.....kind of :) Then begins the fun part of moving in to your new home and making it your own. Making memories in your new home over the years to come will be the BEST part.